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Western Australia Bushfire Assessment Logic (WA BAL), is a small company sharing the resources of a larger well equipped full service building consultancy, the WABCA Group. John Greenwood leads the team at WA BAL who specialise in providing Bushfire Attack Level Assessments for residential development.

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Qualified & Accredited

Our continual staff training and development is increasing our knowledge capital which core component of the service we are constantly delivering to our clients. Most importantly WA BAL is qualified and accredited holds all relevant qualifications to ensure you are getting the best advice.

WA BAL & its parent company WABCA Group holds the following qualifications, accrediations and memberships.



The Work We Do

Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) Certificate

A BAL certificate is a legislative requirement if you are carrying out complying development on bushfire prone land. It is a statement of the Level of Bushfire Attack  to certify that the development is not in the Flame Zone or BAL 40 which is prepared by a qualified consultant in bush fire assessment risk.

Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) Assessment

A BAL Assessment is a means of measuring the severity of a building’s potential exposure to ember attack, radiant heat and direct flame contact, using increments of radiant heat expressed in kilowatts per metre squared and the basis for establishing the requirements for construction to improve protection of building elements from attack by bushfire.

The Standard is primarily concerned with improving the ability of buildings in designated bushfire prone areas to better withstand attack from bush fire, therefore giving better protection to the building occupants (until the fire front passes) as well as to the building itself.

This standard is part of a process that aims to lessen the risk of damage to buildings in the event of a bushfire. Other measure of mitigating damage from bush fire wall within the areas of planning, subdivision, siting, landscaping and maintenance.

A Bushfire Assessment will:

    • Take about 20-30 minutes with one of WA BAL's assessors completing the report in a day
    • Calculate your defendable space;
    • Assess the Amount of defendable space required to protect you from radiant heat during a bushfire
    • Reduce the risk of ember attack on your property
    • Identify & Manage the vegetation in the inner & outer zones surrounding your home

Bushfire Compliance Certificate

A bushfire compliance certificate is prepared at the end of construction to certify that the development has been carried out in accordance with the requirements of the Bushfire Attack Level which is nominated by the BAL Certificate or Development Consent. It will also take into account many of the requirements of planning for bushfire protection. Your certifier is entitled to rely on this certificate in relation to bushfire matters when issuing the final occupation certificate.

We also provide our clients with the following services

Our Clients

At WA BAL, we provide our clients with personalised advice and services with a strong focus on bushfire assessments and/or certificates. WA BAL's knowledge and understanding often results in a faster assessment which will save you time and money on your developments.

Our client base is as diverse as our ideas. Our clients include:

  • Owner builders, creating an extremely unique project;
  • Small builders and project builders, seeking justification and ongoing design advice;
  • Property developers seeking statutory advice, due diligence and yield advice;
  • Architects, to help make sense of planning framework; and
  • Business owners relocating, expanding or seeking a change of use

If you need further assistant, do not hesitate to give John a call today  on (08) 9355 5484.

Questions You Need to Know

What is Involved in Bushfire Site Assessment?

In order to comply with the Building Code of Australia, you first need to identify the level of risk. You then need to ensure that your building design complies with relevant BCA and Australian Standards.

A Bushfire Site Assessment will go through the following steps:

  • Establish whether there is a Wildfire Management Overlay on your site
  • Determine the category of bushfire attack in accordance with Australian Standard 3959 –Construction of buildings in bushfire-prone areas (AS 3959)
  • Often the CFA will determine whether they agree with the bushfire risk assessment during the planning permit process
  • Apply for a building permit – again noting the bushfire risk category so that all plans and design comply with construction risk category -one of the 6  Bushfire Attack Levels (Bal’s)
  • Construct your building in full compliance with AS 3959 and Building Code Australia (BCA)

What is the Importance of Using a Professional Building Surveyor?

Bushfire risk assessment is too complex and expert for most people to navigate. Even if you go through all of the required steps it is likely that you may miss out on crucial information or details. The bushfire risk assessment is onerous and time consuming. Recent events may contribute to it being highly charged and more complicated than ever. It is not worth the risk having your site incorrectly labeled as it can restrict what and how you build. A full assessment will take into account things such as: local environment, tree types, other buildings, level of development, tracks and roads – to name just a few.

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