Bushfire Management Plans

A Bushfire Management Plan (BMP) is a document that sets out short, medium and long-term strategies and objectives to mitigate the risk and impact of bushfire on the proposed development. A Bushfire Management Plan will typically provide:

  • Aa summary of the key points of the plan
  • Background information on the site and its climate and vegetation
  • An assessment of the bushfire risk at the site using accepted methodologies
  • Bushfire risk management measures with reference to the elements of the Bushfire Protection Criteria listed in the Guidelines for Planning in Bushfire Prone Areas. 

Normally, Bushfire Management Plans usually include commitments by the developer in respect to the site design and fire management. Similarly, the plan recognises that future lot owners will be responsible to some extent for their own fire safety by requiring them to maintain the reduced level of risk and threat of life. The purpose of the Bushfire Management Plan is to detail risk management measures to minimise both the occurrence and damage of bushfires in order to preserve life, property and infrastructure.