Are You at Risk?

Australia is one of the most fire-prone areas in the world. Understanding your level of risk is the first step in developing your grassfire and bushfire survival plan. The more you prepare your property is, the better the chance it will survive a bushfire, even if you are not there. A well prepared home will give you more protection if a fire suddenly threatens and you are unable to leave.

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A well prepared home will provide you more protection if a fire threatens and you are unable to leave.   


Do you live in or near bushland?

You don't need to live right on the bush to be at risk from bushfires. Burning embers can travel some distance, setting fire to homes that are well away from the bush. In fact, the majority of homes are destroyed in bush fires are because of what is called an "ember attack."

Does your local area have a bushfire history?

Think about the area that you live in. If fires have happened there before, they will almost certainly happen again. Know the fire risk in your area and prepare for it.

Do you have trees and shrubs within 20 metres of your house?

It's a fact that a well prepared property is more likely to survive a bush fire. A well prepared property includes trees and shrubs that have been trimmed, and a cleared area where you and firefighters can protect oyur home if need be.

If you need to leave your home, would you need to travel through bushland?

If you need to travel through bushland areas to leave your home, you may be at risk of being caught in a fire. Being caught in the open or in a car are among the most dangerous places during a bushfire.

If your bushfire survival plan more than one year old?

Even if you've made a plan before, check it and update it if needed. Sit down and talk about your plan with your family so everyone will know what to do if a fire starts.

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions then a bushfire is a real risk to you and your family and you need to have a bushfire survival plan that you keep updated.

Make sure you prepare and practice early to actively defend before the bushfire season starts. This will give you a clear set of actions to follow before, during and after a bushfire. 

Get your Home Assessed by a Professional Today

You can do your own assessment, but if it does go wrong, it could prove costly in more ways than one. Employing a bushfire consultant from WA BAL is recommended as the team will be able to provide cohesive reports that are primarly concerned with improving the ability of buildings in designated bushfireprone areas to better withstand attack from bushfire.

Preparing a Bushfire Survival Plan

If you live in or near bush, developing and using a bushfire survival plan is critical. This plan will help you take action and avoid making last minute decisions that could prove deadly during a bushfire. When developing your plan, decide if you will leave for a safer place, which may be to relocate to family or friends, or to stay to actively defend your home. 

Preparing a Home & Property

 It will be a frightening experience if you stay and defend your home. You must have a plan for how you will actively defend your house and where you will shelter so you and your family will be able to survive.  Make sure you are prepared and have all the equipment that you need. 

Questions to Ask During a Bushfire Attack

- Will I be able to cope during a bushfire?

- Will my family and/or household be able to cope during a bushfire?

- If family and/or friends are visiting, how will they cope?

Defending your Home During a Bushfire Will Take Several Hours

This includes time needed to do all the hard preparation tasks before the fire reaches your home and continually watching for fire spots.

You Need to be in Good Physical Health

With the ability to maintain a constant watch on your home and surrounding area before, during and after the fire.

If you are Planning to Actively Defend your Property you Need to Make sure that you are Self-Sufficient

If you are unprepared, not able to or not sure you can defend your home without the assistance of firefighters, you need to leave early well before the fire reaches you. Firefighting resources will be busy trying to put the fire out and will not be there to help you defend your home.

Fire if a very frightening experience and it make make it hard to think clearly or make good decisions. It is important that everyone agrees to your plan, to stop people making different decisions in the heat of the moment. 

Further Information

For further information on how WA BAL are able to assist in creating a BAL Assessment, Bushfire Compliance Certificate or a Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) Certificate, don't hesitate to contact one of the friendly team members today who will be able to assist you further with your enquires.

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Use this link from the department of fire and safety to create a checklist to actively defend your house

Click here for a Bushfire Survival Plan